Copy to staff above/below (overwrite)

Hi! Is there a way/action/option to
Copy to staff above/below (overwrite)?
Instead of paste-into?

Other than selecting the original; material and ALT/OPT-Clicking the location the copy should begin?

Of course that may not overwrite existing material.

(I’m not sure Copy/Paste is such a burden in those cases.)

You’re right. Both alt-click and paste overwrites.
Yet, use copy to staff above/below a lot and 98% of cases I want overwrite.

Just make sure that Chords is not active in the Notes toolbox, if you want to overwrite material rather than merge the copied and original material together. Because Chords allows you to add notes at the same place as other notes, it also works as “merge mode” outside of note input.

I’ve never activated chords

Also I think it’s important to know that Duplicate to Staff Below/Above copies everything into Up-stem Voice 1.* So it’s much more of a transformation than a straight Paste.

*(Actually the default voice for the staff, which can be changed.)