Copy to staff above/below (overwrite)

Hi! Is there a way/action/option to
Copy to staff above/below (overwrite)?
Instead of paste-into?

Other than selecting the original; material and ALT/OPT-Clicking the location the copy should begin?

Of course that may not overwrite existing material.

(I’m not sure Copy/Paste is such a burden in those cases.)

You’re right. Both alt-click and paste overwrites.
Yet, use copy to staff above/below a lot and 98% of cases I want overwrite.

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Just make sure that Chords is not active in the Notes toolbox, if you want to overwrite material rather than merge the copied and original material together. Because Chords allows you to add notes at the same place as other notes, it also works as “merge mode” outside of note input.

I’ve never activated chords

Also I think it’s important to know that Duplicate to Staff Below/Above copies everything into Up-stem Voice 1.* So it’s much more of a transformation than a straight Paste.

*(Actually the default voice for the staff, which can be changed.)


Still no change? It’s a bit tedious to have to delete the previously entered music before using Duplicate to staff above/below.
It would make much more sense to overwrite IMO.
Or at least we should have a separate key command for that…


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After you do the duplicating, have you tried the copy/paste key commands before deselecting? i.e. select the music to be duplicated>duplicate>Cmd+C>Cmd+V

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I find both Alt-click (to paste-over) and Duplicate to Staff Below (to merge) useful in different situations.


Yes I can see certain workflows could benefit from it, however if for instance we could use the Chords button to switch between “merge” and “overwrite” behaviors (as Lillie thought would be the case), that would be an elegant solution…
@DanielMuzMurray I’m not sure I get your point, theoretically yes the copy/paste method would allow me to overwrite, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the Duplicate command (which I like a lot…)

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I disagree but it’s all good. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to have an alternative key command. :slight_smile:


@DanielMuzMurray For the record I understand only now what you were suggesting… :sweat_smile: so yes it does work, not perfect but best solution so far. Thank you!

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Found this thread because I’m looking to do the same exact thing! I think toggling the chord mode on/off, could switch the duplicate behavior between normal and overwrite mode. In fact that’s exactly how it works with the opt+click method, but I often like doing it manually with the keyboard for reasons of speed and precision (sometimes I click just a tad to the left or right and the rhythm gets entirely thrown off, whereas this never happens with duplicate by keyboard).


Which is easily corrected with an Alt-left/right!

I sometimes make the grid coarser before Alt-clicking if I’m not confident of hitting the right spot.

Sure, but extra steps when it’s not necessary. I think duplicate could easily have the same functionality so you can skin the cat either way you want to and no need to fix after. Seems reasonable they could be consistent.

I was countering your “… I often like doing it manually with the keyboard for reasons of speed and precision…” Which sounds like an awful lot more steps than necessary!

But wait, I’m suggesting it be done in one keyboard shortcut, and you’re saying why not one when it could be done in two or more? (adding alt left/right into the mix, in addition to reaching for the mouse)… I’m just saying it could have consistent UI behavior so there wouldn’t be a need to do fix with alt left/right after the fact, and you’d never have to leave your keyboard…