copy track from one project to another in Cubase Artist 6?

… is there any way to do this in Cubase Artist 6?
In Cubase 5 I could export “Selected Track” in file menu but there seems to be no such option in Cubase Artist 6… so how to?

Use Audio Mixdown, on the left side, choose Batch Export, and select tracks, you want to export.

Unfortunatly artist 6 does not have batch export.

Oh, sorry!

Open both projects, and use drag-and-drop.

lol I solved it by using Cubase 6.5 Artist for production and then opening the project in Cubase 5 for mixdown/batch export. They should definatley allow Cubase 6.5 Artist to batch export… it is one of these features that should really be there. Otherwise I’m quite happy with Artist!

Yes, Batch Export is in the “most top” line only: Cubase 5/6/7, not in Artist versions.