Copy track names to mixer name?

is there a way to autom. copy my track naming to the mixerchannel-names?
Maybe using the “logical editor” ?

They should be synchronized automatically (at least they are on my setup) - which track types aren’t synchronizing for you?

Oh I have to specify.
Yes the VST tracks are in sync.
I mean the MIDI-tracks. I see that these are different types. I’ll create a feature request for a kind of “link” between VST-MIDI-Mixer tracks.
But until then, my question is if there is a way to copy those names depending on the MidiCh.?


The MIDI Tracks names are also in sync with the MixConsole.

Dear Marin,
that was NOT helpful since they obviously do NOT as I described in the top message :-/
Is there a setting I have to take care of?

Martin is one of the most helpful guys on the planet. 25000 helpful posts on Cubase forums.

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And yet

Yes the name of the MIDI Track does change in both the Project & MixConsole, but I suspect that isn’t what you really mean. Are you instead of referring to the MIDI Track actually asking about the Audio Output on a Rack Instrument.

If so the reason the names don’t propagate is because there isn’t a one-to-one correspondence, consider:

  • Multiple MIDI Tracks can be simultaneously routed to a single Rack Instrument
  • A single MIDI Track can be routed to multiple Rack Instruments
  • A Rack Instrument can have multiple Audio Outputs

While this does offer a lot of flexibility, it also creates extra work to setup & maintain (like getting things named the way you want). To minimize this busywork Cubase eventually introduced the Instrument Track to combine the MIDI and Audio into one convenient Track type.

Why are you using MIDI and not Instrument Tracks?



Unfortunately not anymore. During the transfer to the new forum, some of my older posts were deleted. But, the challenge is accepted and I’m going to reach this goal once again. :smiley:



My guess is also, the topic is not about the MIDI Track. A screenshot would help here.

Hi Martin (brief hijack) , I seem to remember you on the old old forum too - the one before the last?


Oh, really? I don’t remember, to be honest. :thinking: :grinning:

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dear Raino
that’s what I expected already. that’s why my first post was the question if I can automate a name copy-paste from track to mixer.
my template uses 3 VEPRO SlavePCs. That’s why I HAVE to work with midi tracks :wink:

At least you get hearts now


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Got it. Sometime folks are using MIDI Tracks in a situation where there is no good reason to do so.

I don’t use this program myself, but a lot of folks here use AutoHotKey for workarounds to stuff you can’t directly in Cubase. Don’t know if it will help your situation, but maybe worth taking a look at. Good luck.