Copy tuplets with hidden numbers and brackets

When I copy tuplets with hidden numbers and brackets I get normal eights instead of triplets.
Copy Tuplets

This is the expected behavior. Only “visible” stuff gets copied. Make sure you show the tuplets signposts (view menu. You can assign a shortcut for show/hide all signposts) before you select, and the copied stuff will be as you want. In other words, modify your workflow so that you get expected results.

Thank you, Marc, showing the signposts did the trick.

I’m grumpy.

I copied a rather large amount of music from a colleague and pasted it into my file. After working on it for… let’s say “a long time,” I wondered why the rhythms in a certain spot looked so wrong.

Hidden tuplets. Too risky to fix only certain spots. Work lost.

Even before my current grumpiness, I’ve wished this behavior could be changed. Now I really wish it.

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