Copy velocities from one sequence of midi notes to another

The only solution to this I have seen is to drag and drop the midi part onto the Quantize Panel, set Position to 0 %, Velocity to 100 % and Length to 0 % and then save the preset before applying it to another midi part.

However, this doesn’t seem to work if the sequences aren’t rhythmically identical. Is there a way around this?

Ideally I would like to map the velocity from one sequence of midi notes to another, completely independently of the note positions relative to the grid.

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I’m sorry, I’m afraid this is not possible.

isnt this possible with quantize? you have to preprogram a quantize preset with velocity values and save it, then apply to anytyhing?

im also looking for this right now

yes just tested it, it works!!!

drag the midi you want to copy the velocity from in QUANTIZE PANEL (choose same devision, like 16th) with VELOCITY at 100%

then save and apply to anything :slight_smile:


Could you or someone else explain this better? I have no idea how to do what you describe. And it would be extremely helpful if I could manage this.

  1. When you mention dragging MIDI, do you mean a passage of notes from within a Dorico project? (I have such a passage, but I can use another program to create one.)
  1. The only quantize panel I can find is in preferences. I am totally lost about how to drag in velocity from there.
  2. What do I save? Where should I save it to? And how can I “apply it to anything?”
    Thanks for posting, and I apologize if I’m missing something basic, but I’ve spent an hour trying to figure out what you recommend, including looking for videos.

This is the Cubase sub-forum so it doesn’t really apply to Dorico

Sorry. That makes sense. My search engine let me here and I didn’t notice that it was the wrong forum.

What do you mean by choose the same division in this case? I think the scenario I describe would mean that the grid division doesn’t really matter.

Say for example I want to map the velocities from the random sequence of notes shown below.

To the same random sequence of notes that is played with a different rhythm shown here.

If I use the method you describe, this is the result with position and length set to 0:

Some of the velocities have changed but the desired result is not achieved.

From a programming perspective, it would be simple to do what I am trying to achieve as long as the sequences were monophonic and contained the same number of notes.

Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 23.08.28

I wonder if this could be achieved with the logical editor?


Once you start to think about all the use case and possibilities, you will find, it’s not simple at all. :wink:

Unfortunately not. You cannot store/call variables within the Logical Editor.