Copy Video to Project Folder

Dear Steinberg - please address this in an upcoming Nuendo/Cubase update. We really need an option upon importing or dragging video to the timeline that asks if we want to copy the video to the project folder just like audio files are. Logic Pro X does this and its awesome - when working in Logic my vids are always organized and I never lose a video.

I know this option is given in Cubase/Nuendo when exporting a project Backup - but knowing that the video is with the project is key while working on it.

I work in Post Production for Omnicom for my living and we only use Pro Tools. I am trying to bring Nuendo into the studios as our main DAW - this would be a huge help. As you can imagine we work with a ton of videos per project as editors send later and later versions. We also mix between multiple studios using both cloud and local computing - thus the need to stay very organized. This would be a major league help! Thanks!


I also work with tons of videos every day.
I always bring the videos into a pre-created Video folder in my work project, and import it from there. That way I don’t have unnecessary duplicates scattered around the system.
But, of course, it would be nice to have your request as an option.


Yes, definitely.

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Yea that’s what I do too

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Yes, that’s the first thing I do as well - often before creating the new Project itself.

yeah this will be helpful. You can though press Prepare Archive in the audio pool. It should then ask you if you want to copy video files also. It doesn’t put it into a video folder though (not sure) but should copy it to your projects Folder. .

True, that’s why I was reluctant to suggest it.

  1. It merely copies the file, not moving it. So you are left with unwanted duplicates scattered around the system that are hard to track down and clean when I finally find time for system maintenance.
  2. As you said, it copies the file to the project root rather than a dedicated video subfolder within the project’s root directory.

interesting, when you drag audio files into Nuendo it provides option to copy it but does not move the file as far as I was aware. Definitely the best workflow is to put the video tracks manually in a subfolder, however the prepare archive at least helps avoid having a project run into unlinked files scattered around etc and may help keep things organized as @Siko_Om was requesting.