Copy vst with all settings and all mixer channel settings

Hello guys,

How can I copy a vst instrument (i.e. the patch currently in use on the VST) together with all insert effects and equalizer settings on the corresponding channel? It wold be nice to be able to save an instrument with all the bells and whistles, such that distortion and eq and synthesizer patch are saved together.

Is this possible in cubase 6?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You should be able to use a track preset to do this. It will save the instrument, patch, parameters, EQ, inserts, etc. Then just load that track preset on the new track.

Does this include the VST instrument? :slight_smile: If it does, it’s gonna be awesome :smiley:

It includes just about everything in the channel (except the sends).

Thank you very much, I’ll give this a try tomorrow :slight_smile: Time to get patching :smiley:

Okay, it didn’t work. It only copies all the mixer settings.

Here is what I did:

  • Create a synthesizer patch in z3ta
  • Add insert effects to it’s track
  • Save the z3ta instrument channel patch
  • Create new z3ta synth and load the channel patch

Everything but the VST-patch is loaded correctly. Does it need to be an instrument-track? I usually try to avoid those because of some limitations.

I don’t think you mentioned what kind of track you are using. Just to clarify: If you’re loading a VST into the VST Instrument rack, that is not saved as part of a TRACK preset. You would have to use an Instrument track and load the VST as a track, not into the VST Instruments rack. This is because the VST rack is completely separate, and also loads all of it’s output busses into additional “VST Instruments” track folders etc. which would be difficult to package as any sort of saved preset.

Thank you very much for this clarification. I must say, so far my first impression of the community is great :slight_smile: I guess I will have to start thinking about using instrument-tracks or at the very least converting my favorite instruments such that I can save them as patches :slight_smile: