Copy whole sends settings from channel wont work on the mixer - Made with Clipchamp

Copy whole sends settings from channel wont work on the mixer -
In previous version of cubase you could do a copy of the whole track
send settings to another track on the mixer, now this doesn’t work anymore.
Please have a look at the video
Anyone else having this problem?


Could you please make a proper description?

A proper description is very useful for understanding of the issue and also for the searching purposes.

I can confirm this on Nuendo 13.040.

Copying individuial sends works, but right-clicking the sends header and copying all sends doesn’t work.

When I undo a mixer step, the sends briefly appear for a couple milliseconds and then they disappear again.

I think that finally understood what is going on. Actually, I think that if you want to copy the whole Channel effects from a track first you need to select the track where you want to copy this FX from and then Copy with the channel selected.

Cubase doesn’t understand the copy if this the channel is not selected.
This is not behaving the same way when you copy individual sends.
On the video, I actually didn’t select the track and I did the copy.

It’s not channel effect, it’s channel sends. This is how it worked in Cubase 12.
Note that neither the source nor the destination channels are selected.
Copy Sends

Yes I meant channel sends.
Thanks the only thing I can say is that steinberg is changing many things and usually not for the best.


This is Cubase 12. I can confirm it works the very same way on my side in Cubase 13 too.

Are you working on mac or pc?


I’m on Mac.