copying 2 solo parts into divisi

I started with two solo flutes (Flute 1, Flute 2). Then I wanted to have just one flute staff with divisi where necessary. I can copy each solo flute part into each divisi line without issue. The issue is when I select the two solo flute parts, copy, and then select the whole bar rest in the top divisi staff and paste. It pastes Flute 1 into the top staff no worries but it skips the second divisi and pastes the solo flute 2 into solo flute 1 instead of into the second divisi staff. See picture if confused!

Thanks again everyone

Rather than using divisi, it might be easier to keep the parts as separate solo players and use condensing to show them on one staff where possible? Info about condensing is in the Dorico 3 version history (soon to be added to the online help)

Thanks Lillie, but at this stage I’d really like to just have one staff. Is this a copy/paste bug or am I doing something wrong? Cheers.

If you select multiple staves, Dorico tends to copy “one player at a time” not “one staff at a time”

You should be able to copy the music if you select the staves one at a time, but if you select both flutes, Dorico is probably looking for two more players (not staves) to copy them to, and not doing the copy because it can’t find two instruments to copy to.

A divisi only counts as “one section player”.

I wouldn’t call it a bug. Copying between instruments with different numbers of staves doesn’t have a “one size fits all” solution to choosing where the copied music should go. You might call it a limitation that there isn’t a clever way to specify exactly how to do the copy, but in the general case that would probably have to be too clever to be useful. There is a “non-clever” way to do anything you want - copy one staff at a time.