Copying a part of a project into another project

Some time back a took a drum programming lesson. In the end a basic setup for drum programming was created which consisted of 20+ slots shared by 2 instances of Halion, 20+ MIDI tracks structured into several folder tracks.

The tutor told to save this project as a base project. Whenever you create a new project and want to have the drum programming setup, create a copy and use it as a template.

Now my question: If I have an existing project, can I copy the Halion instances, there output settings, MIDI tracks that control the 2 Halion instances plus the folder tracks that arrange the MIDI tracks, the Halion outputs, the defined Group Tracks (eg for Snares) and the Folder Tracks that organize all these into an existing project? Dragging and dropping Folder Tracks does not work.

“Import Tracks from Project” will do most or all of what you need. Certainly VSTis, inserts, faders, multiple outputs and groups are transferred. I’m not certain about MIDI routing.

Also read up on Track Archive.