Copying a range not possible when event is locked?

I just found out -the hard way- that Nuendo doesn’t allow one to copy a range selection from an audio event which is locked?
Is this practical or is this silly?
I think it’s silly but I hope someone clever can shine another light on it?

So; when I “park” some events and lock them, as some kind of a backup, I can not copy a piece of them?
I can see why I can’t cut or delete portions of it, but copying should be possible I think… :imp:
The deeper I go into Nuendo (I’m doing my first -big- feature here) the more questionmarks arise…

Thanks for listening.
And please feel free to help me look on the bright side.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I’m not seeing that. Locked events and range selections of locked events can be copied with no issues here.

There are many different ways you can lock an event. If you’re locking at the track level and then trying a modifier + drag ‘n’ drop then it might not work however you can lock at the event level (and there are different types of locking available) and then modifier + drag ‘n’ drop should work. Copy/paste should work no matter what.

Yes, I locked my events by locking the folder where the tracks they live in, reside.
That’s the fastest way to lock and unlock these event, which I want to keep as some kind of backup.

I just double checked it a minute ago and I can confirm; range-copy/paste (command+c, command +v) doesn’t work when the tracks are locked.
I select a range on this locked track, I press command+c, then I move to an unlocked (empty) track and press command+v: doesn’t work!
When I look at the menu items, the function “paste” is greyed out when I try to paste the copied portion from that locked track/event, so Nuendo was designed like this.

When I unlock the tracks though: doing exactly the same workflow, works!

I think it’s silly, but maybe it’s just clever and I can’t see it? Any thoughts?

So the workaround would be to lock the events on a event-basis instead of on a track (folder-track) basis?

Niek/ Amsterdam

I don’t use folders but the copy/paste does not seem to work for events at the folder level. It does however work at the track/event level. I suggest as a workaround to just select events in the folder and use a key command to lock/unlock at the event level and then you can copy/paste however you want while keeping the originals locked.

I think the logic is the following:

  • if you have locked a track, any form of editing, including cut, copy and paste is not permitted. Basically you can’t change anything or manipulate any data on that track and all aspects of the events are completely locked. This is to ensure the complete safety of the data.
  • when locking individual events you still have the option to move those events or change their size depending on what aspects you have locked. And you can use copy and paste. This is more flexible but less safe.

Ditto what twelvetwelve says. For your workflow, use event based locking instead.

Thanks Stingray,

your logic makes sense and I think this is the philosophy Steinberg has too.
Though: if I were a programmer at Steinberg, I’d say: copying is not editing so copying should be possible…

I’ll stick to locking events instead of locking tracks (which is much quicker)

Thanks again,
Niek/ Amsterdam.