Copying a Range

Suppose I want to copy everything in a score from measures 8-15 (as an example) and paste it elsewhere. Some staves in the score may have notes in every measure, no measures, or just some of the measures.

I can go through the score and select all the notes I want with the marquee tool, but that is awkward and unreliable.

Is there a way to just drag a across the top of the score and highlight everything in the desired measures? (It’s possible in some DAWs.)

I don’t remember what it’s called, but I tried to use that track at the top that allows you to add/delete measures, but I couldn’t get that to work. Maybe there’s a function there…?

Just click the top staff in measure 8 and shift-click the bottom measure in bar 15.

You should be able to use the System Track, too; though I don’t use it.

That worked great, thanks. I didn’t realize that clicking in a bar without the marquee would select it but it did; then it was just a couple of SHIFT+CLICKs.

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