Copying a Samsung MP3 player's Cathedral sound effect


I’ve been spending hundreds of hours to deep-copy my beloved Samsung MP3 player’s (Yepp-Q2) ‘Cathedral’ sound effect (which is my favorite in the world), because my MP3 player is wearing out and Samsung doesn’t do MP3 business anymore. I purchased Cubase 10 Pro just to create an identical sound effect as this. I’ve tried it for 2 months, but I can’t really find exactly the same sound effect… I have come up with the closest Reverb RoomWorks SE setting, but when you hear it, the singer’s voice sound (and the overall sound) is thinner than the MP3 player’s sound. The below are my recordings:

<Original Music Sound (flac file)>

<Cubase Reverb RoomWorks SE setting (for the Thinner Sound)

(converted by Cubase’s Reverb ReomWorks SE setting)

(recorded from my Samsung MP3 player’s ‘Cathedral’ effect)

Could anybody give me help on how I could make my thinner (Cubase) sound exactly the same as the thicker (MP3) sound? What effect should I put in and what should be the parameters? I would really appreciate all of your help.

p.s. The volume of the thicker (MP3) sound is lower than the thinner (Cubase) sound, so please make their volumes roughly equal when you listen