Copying a title page to another layout

Sorry for this rather basic question but I couldn’t find any information about this specific situation.

I’d made a title page and other front matter by inserting pages and creating text frames but it wasn’t until I was finished that I realised that by mistake I’d done this in one of the part layouts and not in the score. I haven’t been able to find a way to copy these text frames to the other layouts.

Are they Master pages, or just overrides to actual pages? If the former, then you can export and import.

Unfortunately they aren’t Master pages. I was actually following the directions from several sources about adding front material and none of them mentioned using Master pages.

The annoying thing is also that it seems impossible to copy text in any format other than default, meaning that all text formatting has to be done from scratch. I guess that making a new Master title page is the way to do this but I wonder why it isn’t mentioned in any of the sources I turn up when I google ‘title page dorico’.