copying a track to transfer to another project

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so, I’m trying to combine 2 projects/songs that will fade into one another when mastered. almost like its one song, but decided into 2 separate tracks. i was thinking that it would be easiest to put them both into one project and line them up, then export once they flow together.

but i find I’m unable to copy the entire track. just the audio of the midi, but not the track presets/ midi instruments.

is there a quick way to do that?


this is a hard thing to do; in the olden days of atari, it was easy - but then everything was an external midi synth and you could use sysex to change the patches on the fly.

hopefully someone will have some bright ideas that don’t involve archiving tracks (as that doesn’t seem to load any automation or indeed the preset into the vsti) or copying from a deactivated project to an active one - again, this misses key information

What would be best would be to be able to have two versions of the sequencer open at once and copy and paste fully linked tracks from one to the other.

hope you fined an answer as I’m interested too - would be great for sets.


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How about… File Menu “Export Selected Tracks” and then in the new or project to copy to, “import Tracks” I just tried it with a single track but would imagine it would work OK on more.

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Check out this video I made about importing tracks from a session to another session.

You can keep track presets /midi instruments very easily, but only if the VST instrument is loaded into an instrument track. If you loaded it as a Rack Instrument, you’re good to reload them manually…

and here the manual info (p.696) :slight_smile:

Exporting and importing track archives (Cubase only)
You can export Cubase tracks (audio, FX, group, instrument, MIDI, and video) as track archives for import into other Cubase (or Nuendo) projects. All the information associated with the tracks will be exported (channel settings, automation tracks, parts and events, etc.). If you select the “Copy” option (see below), a separate “media” folder will be created, containing copies of all referenced audio files.

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