Copying a whole track including midi and aut' to new song?

Hi folks,

I trying to find the best way of copying (backing up) whole tracks from a project.

Just a little background: my productions consist of few tracks, but each of those tracks have a huge amount (days) of work involved in making them.

So i’m looking for the best way to back up a project, so that if a Cubase song file becomes corrupted and can’t be opened, i can at least restore it from the backed up tracks.

So i’ve found an easy way to back up a whole track: just highlight (select) the track, and ctrl + C.
Then go to an empty new project and ctrl + V will paste in the whole track, including instrument and all midi events and automation. Then save and you’ve got that track backed up in it’s own individual Cubase song.

But what i haven’t managed to do is to ctrl + V more then one track into a new Cubase song (in order to restore the whole song from the individual back-up Cubase songs).

The first ctrl + V works fine, but after that, it only pastes the midi information (if it’s an instrument track).

Anyone have any ideas or work-arounds to ctrl + V more then one instrument track into a new Cubase song so that it also includes midi and automation?

Thanks! …J

File > Import > Tracks from Project… ?

How about using the “backup project” function.

The whole project is backed up to it’s own folder location.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks dude, and presumably i can also use the “export” version of that to do the initial back-up?!

Anyway, gonna give it a try…

There is no export function of tracks. This just lets you select the track(s) within existing projects to import to your new project, so it contains all midi data, inserts, eq and such belonging to that/those track(s).


The following workflow also seems to achieve the same thing:

To back-up a track: file > export > selected tracks
To restore backed-up track: file > import > track archive

Doing it this way, the track is saved as .xml information / file.

Or does the method you suggested have any advantages over this?

(just on a side note: the more i get into Cubase the more i realize what a killer app it is. Sure, there are some things that really suck like midi mod mapping and automation curves), but almost always i can find some esoteric function / functionality i’m looking for, or at least a workaround!)

Track archives.

Oh ofcourse there’s track export, in my head it was a bounce down to audio. :unamused:

Do the track archive, it’s the complete track and doesnt require a new project.

The import method I suggested was aimed at the ctrl-c - ctrl-v question.

One of the best ways to do this - and something everyone should be doing is using a standard Windows or Mac backup program to perform regular automated backups of your files. No need to get fancy, a free version will work great for most folks. I use EaseUS Todo which is simple to setup (will even clone sys disk). After that I pretty much ignore it, except for every so often removing old backups to keep the destination from filling up. Make sure to get a cheep big USB disk so backups aren’t stored on your system. You’ll be happy you did this when a disk fails and you loose both the original & copy of your project file.

But the problem is, if your project file is corrupted, most likely your backed-up version will be too!

But i hear you, i’ve lost count of the times i heard someone say “we’ve only got this mix because our computer crashed and we lost everything!” :confused: :cry: :unamused:

I use a program called Second Copy for back-up, which i’m happy with. It’s protection is a simple serial number which you can use endlessly on all your computers.