Copying Addictive Drums 2 from old PC to new PC with Cubase 11

Is it possible to copy Addictive Drums 2, which I used in Cubase 5, from my old PC to my new PC, and use it on Cubase 11?

For a few years, on my old PC, I have used Cubase 5 and in it XLN’s Addictive Drums 2 as the drum VST. I got used to it and really like the interface and the program’s abilities.

Recently I purchased Cubase 11 on a new computer and, though I haven’t experienced with it much, found the Groove Agent SE 5 to be less intuitive, and dissatisfactory. In addition I understood from a few Youtube videos that the Groove Agent is better fitted for resampling and ready-made beats and grooves, while Addictive Drums is better for creating your own drum beat, and more comfortable for editing each instrument . In addition, I really wish that my experience with AD2 would not go to waste.

FYI, the music I create is of the Rock and Progressive rock genre, audio-recorded guitars, e-guitars, bass & vocals. If anyone knows any good guiding videos and tutorial videos for using groove agent for that purpose they’re welcome to send me.