Copying adjusted slurs

Hi all,

Working with bassoon parts.
I just found that an adjusted slur copied from Bn. II to Bn. I only will copy the slur, not its adjustment. Copying from another document or from the score layout will copy the adjustment as well.

Can you reproduce this?

It seems to work for me. Can you be more specific?

Dorico will preserve properties on items when they are copied and pasted, provided they can be applied in the destination location appropriately. If they cannot, they will be cleaned up. Without an example to look at, I can’t say exactly why it might be that Dorico is cleaning up the properties on the pasted items.

See attached file.

fagotti slurs.dorico (452.7 KB)

It seems that this might have to do with the Set local properties value. In the following it is set to “Locally”, but I suppose this should not matter?

  1. In engrave mode, change the slur in the Fag. I part. (already done in the file).
  2. Switch to Write mode, copy the slur.
  3. In the Fag. II part, paste the slur that you just copied. Nothing happens.

It definitely matters whether the slur’s properties are set locally or globally. Locally means that they’re local to that frame chain (which in most cases means that layout). Select the Fag. 1 slur in Engrave mode, in the Fag. 1 part, and go Edit > Propagate Properties. Now copy and paste it to the Fag. 2 staff (in whichever layout).

You’ll find that the condensed slur in the score does not carry over the properties, but both of the part layouts will show the slur with the adjusted properties. Condensed staves are drawn separately from uncondensed staves, so the objects they contain will have independent properties. For this reason (among others) it’s worth setting Engraving Options that cater to your needs automatically, rather than manually adjusting slurs in multiple places.

Thanks Leo,

I am aware of what you write, I just found it counterintuitive that this property would prevent the adjusted properties from being copied. But propagating the properties is a good way to go, should I’ve forgotten to set the properties globally, thanks!

Amen to that, but there are still situations that needs manual intervention:

In scores with lots of slurs this adjusting can take quite some time. And with condensed parts like in the bassoon example the need for adjustment can sometimes be threefold, so usually I keep a “side document” open with a collection of the most common adjustments.