Copying an entire line of midi

Is there a way when programming midi whether on piano roll or the drum editor to copy an entire line across the midi block?
For context I would like to experiment with having snare room samples from one company layered into another drum sampler, therefore I only want my snare midi line, but I don’t want to have to manually copy it all in bits from an entire drum kit’s midi data across an entire song. Just want the entire block’s snare midi.


In the Key- or Drum Editor, you can Shift + double-click to any Note. This note you click on will be selected + all following notes of the same pitch. So if you Shift + double-click to the first note, you select all notes of the pitch. Then Copy, select the other (new) track and the Paste at Origin (if you don’t want to take care about the exact position manually).

Moreover in the Key Editor, you can Shift + click to the virtual keyboard on the left side, to select all notes of the pitch. Then again Copy, and the Paste at Origin.