Copying an insert from one channel to another WITH automation?

Is this possible in Nuendo 12?

I have a track with a reverb plugin and have paramters on that reverb automated. I want to copy that insert, with the automation, to a new track. This has got to be doable right?

I know I can copy the plugin, and then copy the automation from track to track, but this is very slow when you have a lot of parameters automated. You have to make lanes for each parameter first before being able to copy the automation over.

I also realize I can just duplicate the track and delete what I don’t need, but this is also a pain and doesn’t work when needing to copy inserts from an audio track to midi or group track, or vice versa.

Any way to do this the quick way? It is possible in most other DAWs so I feel like I’ve got to be missing it!

Bump - anyone able to tell me if an easier way to do this already exists?