Copying an "instrument track" doesnt copy the routing. WHY?

If i copy an instrument track (“duplicate track”) it makes an exact copy with EQ, Sends, Pan, Inserts,…but doesnt copy the routing (for example to a group track). The routing ALWAYS goes to the main outputs.
Why is that happening? How can i solve this?
The strange thing is: It works flawlessly with audio tracks.
Any help highly appreciated.
Thx in advance.

Works here.

Works here.[/quote]

Are you on Cubase 5 ? I had someone trying it in Nuendo 5 and it also DIDNT copy the routing settings.
So to me it seems it isnt working in C5 and N5
So far you are the only one who says it works.

Route an instrument track (not an audio track) to a group channel. Now copy that instrument track using “duplicate track” .
Now does this duplicated track really goes into the same group like the original one?
Its working on Cubase 6 - but it doesnt seem to work in Cubase 5.53.

Hit me back.

Yes, I can confirm that on Cubase 5.5.3 Mac.

So far, I seem to be the only one of us 4 who is on Cubase 5.1.1 / XP SP 2…

I have to re-ask what you can confirm. That it keeps or doesnt keep its routung setting?
Thx, M.

So far, I seem to be the only one of us 4 who is on Cubase 5.1.1 / XP SP 2…[/quote]

Ok, Im on Cubase 5.53 32bit on a Windows7 64bit system.
It keeps the routing setting on audio tracks, but not on instrument tracks.
I think its just not possible - at first i thought i was only happening in my case.

I confirm your findings.

Ah ok…then it seems like i expected. Its just not possible.
Thanks you for confirming. Unless someone figures out something different we can close the topic. Thx.

Confirmed. Duplicate Inst trks come back routed to stereo out regardless of original routing.

Cubase Version 5.5.x I suppose…?

Yup. Version 5.5.3