Copying and pasting figured bass in the same flow

I’ve posted about this before but in the middle of another post on a slightly different topic. The solution that was offered is to use the system track - copy - then filter figured bass, then paste. However this has never worked for me. I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.

I think your order of events might be wrong. Select using the system track, then filter to select just the figured bass, then copy… finally paste it somewhere.

If I select using the system track (but don’t copy) then most things in the Filter menu are greyed out, including Figured Bass

This I don’t understand. The filter menu only show items that are filter-able in the current selection. The list is context dependent.

I don’t understand it either!

You could select the figures to copy another way.

Select the first figure, ctrl-click the last figure, then ctrl-shift-A (select more) to select all figures between the two. Copy this and paste.

One step you may be missing: Selecting the bars via the system track does not select any entries. You have to click the little square at the end of your selection in the system track to change the selection from the bars to all the entries in those bars. Then the filter should be available!

Finally that worked. I hadn’t understood about that button. Thank you very much Mark.

One caveat. The long section (72 bars) I was copying, started with no figured bass entry on the first beat. The first entry was on the third beat. However I had selected the system track from the beginning. When I pasted the figured bass in to the following passage, Dorico placed the first figure on the first beat, and the rest of the figures were very garbled. What worked was to paste starting at the third beat.

This makes sense. After filtering just the figured bass, the selection doesn’t know, that before the filtering you selected two more beats. The new selection starts with the first figured bass numbers and end with the last.

Ok. Obviously not intuitive to me.

The reason the figures get garbled when pasted on a different beat is that they aren’t just numbers as in other software – they represent actual tones. I was confounded by this at first, coming from Sibelius, until I understood I couldn’t just copy them as numbers.


That is also why you can transpose a score and have the figured bass still accurate : the numbers do mean real notes and those will follow the transposition.

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