Copying and pasting midi beats with VST instruments

Hi there - I am new to Cubase. I have Cubase 8 LE version as I am trying it out. If I can get my head round it I will buy the full pro version. As a house music DJ I want to construct some beats using the VST drums and bass etc. I have begun to have a go at building beats. When I have got a few beats that I am happy with, how do I select, copy and duplicate within the midi (squares) window? Also I heard somewhere that you can copy a whole line of beats along the page using a shortcut or something. Do you know How to do this? It would save me so much time making individual clicks with the mouse and enable me to cover more ground.
My aim is to create some tracks that I could add to my DJ set.
Can anyone help? Are there a few tips you could give or point me to a decent YouTube tutorial that covers this?
Thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome,

If you want to duplicate already existing event (MIDI pattern or Audio block), you can use Ctrl+D to Duplicate. The start of the new event sits exactly at the end of the selected (copied) one. If you want to duplicate it multiple-times, you can use Ctrl+K (Repeat), and type the number of copies.