copying audio events without copying any automation?

I have an audio track with alot audio events and also alot of VST Insert automations.
Sometimes I want to copy/move audio events in the same track, from one place to another - without destroying previous automations. So, what I want is to keep the existing automations where I copy the audio events. Is this possible?

In the preferences, there is an “automation follows events” setting.

Any way to make a Key Command shortcut for this?.. Can’t find it anywhere under Key Commands.

Google brought me here trying to figure out the same thing.
In Cubase 8, click the jagged automation icon immediately in the automation panel of the toolbar at the top of the program to enable/disable “Automation Follows Events.”

It’s seems that that button is only in Pro version, but my Elements version don’t have it.
So it is available to switch in Preferences -> Editing.