Copying Automation Data (Improved In C11)

I -thought- there was a new/easier way to copy/paste automation data ON AUDIO TRACKS using some Alt/Shift combination? Can someone refresh my memory. Eg. I have a ‘wah wah’ pattern of volume automation on every quarter note of the first bar. I want to copy/paste that to the entire track. How do I do that?

I can barely repress my FRUSTRATION. This is one of those things that I only need to do like once every 3-4 months so I always forget the ‘magic answer’. And I can -never- find such things by looking in the PDF… and then trying to search for this answer (which I -know- is buried in one of Greg’s videos, it’s hopeless. (Another is ‘how to select same output on multiple MixConsole outs’.) I HATE having to memorise all these little dealies.

This isn’t new in C11 but how about this?

Press “2” for the Range Selection Tool, enable the snap to the desired amount, highlight the section on the automation track then CTRL+D. You can also ALT+Drag the highlighted section.

Alternatively, if the audio part/event to go with are the same, you can just enable “Automation Follows Events” then copy the part/event. (There could be a few little bugs/glitches you would see if you go this way.).