Copying bars that span multiple pages

I was working on a piece last night and realized halfway through that I had dropped a bar on the flute part. So I tried to select the flute passage that spans multiple pages but couldn’t figure out how to do that. I can select individual notes by ctrl clicking them but that’s a lot of clicking. Does anyone know how to select, copy then paste a long passage that spans multiple pages?


Switch to galley view, zoom out, marquee select?

Next patch release will have somewhat improved selection tools.

Would be nice if in Setup mode you could have some kind of option-drag from one instrument to another to copy the whole part.


The other thing to mention to the OP, is that you can use Insert mode to add the bar in that you dropped - no copying or pasting required!

Thanks, pianoleo. It took me a bit to find it but that would have solved the issue beautifully. For other situations, it would be nice to just click the first bar of the passage then shift-click the last bar, copy then paste it somewhere…like a word processor.

Thanks, Stefan!
Yet if I have such a layout it is not possible to use the marquee tool for the fourth bar (second page) of the flute:

Of course you will address these issues soon, as we know, I just wondered…

wolframd, your screenshot shows you being in „Page View“, try again to switch to „Galley View“

Maybe working in the flute layout would also reduce the size of the whole thing, I guess…

On Mac,

Select a note or a chord,
Hit cmd+arrow right or left, to enlarge selection !

Not very fast but, better than picking up note after each other.

By the way,
is there a possibility to fix your error using «insert tool» ?


Thank you guys.
Such a basic selection function should not depend on which layout or view I am. The size is perhaps as well connected with my rather small monitor (not full HD). Of course I know about selection with cmdarrow (strgarrow), and I might need the score layout and page view for the task on hand, may I not?
I certainly do not want to insult you or anyone of the Steinberg staff, but these things definitely should not afford one more step than really necessary.
Yet what I understand we all need not really to bother since it will be improved with 1.0.10, I admit…

Sure insert tool is great for this job, but that was not what I wanted to show/ask, yet thank you for the reminder!

Edit: Actually on my machine (Win7/64) the proper shortcut is caps+arrow left/right

@Jesper: Good idea! I second that.