Copying bars that span pages

Hi all,

Last night I was working on a piece of music when half way through I realized that I had dropped a bar. How do you select, copy and paste a large section of a part(like the flute part maybe) that spans over many pages? I can select notes by control clicking them one at a time but how do you select entire bars or many bars at the same time?

There’s no good way to select lots of music at the moment, except to switch to galley view and zoom out, then make a marquee selection, but we are working hard to improve this for the first post-release update.

However, if the problem is that you’ve forgotten to input a bar, then Dorico’s Insert mode can take care of this in a much simpler way: double-click at the position at which the missing bar needs to be inserted, hit I to engage Insert mode (the caret gets chevrons top and bottom), then type in the missing bar: everything else shuffles along.