Copying changes to all parts

Recently I went thru a Full Score (imported via music xml) correcting the flute acciaturas to give them tails up. Then when I went to the flute part, I found that (in the flute part) they were unchanged.
Likewise, when I want a blank staff to show in a system, I add an “x” in lyrics and colour it white in the Full Score. But when I go to the vocal score, it’s still there as a black x.
Is there any way to ensure that changes to one part copy the same to all parts?

What you are looking for is probably “propergate properties”, which can be found in the edit menu. Be aware, that the properties are propergated to all layouts containing this player.

By the way, it’s easier to just add a space in staff text (shift-X) instead of ‘x’ in lyrics. No need to color it white, and it shows as a signpost.

Thank you to you all for these very useful tips.

Perhaps you’ve thought of this already but another tip: a good preventative for carpal tunnel syndrome is to make a macro for this (and other items you use often). I’ve set Ctrl-Opt-P to select Propagate Properties, mainly because I can press this key combination quickly with one hand and I need this a lot more often than I need to be able to export the current layout as a PDF, which is the default for this key combination.