copying chord symbols between Dorico files

hi there,

I need to copy chord symbols from one file to another. I selected the instrument which had chord symbols, but only the notes were included on the clipboard… any way to copy chord symbols from one file to another?


To copy chord symbols, you need to select one and use Select More, or use the system track and the filter.

Selecting the measures doesn’t grab the chord symbols as well.

fabulous thank you! (But why the extra fuss?)

Chord symbols have their own “track.” There are semantic reasons for this (most notably: they can attach to all staves at that point), though I agree it would be nice to more easily select them. But it’s fine once you adapt to the difference.

Because the downside to chord symbols being a single global track, is that it used to be extremely easy to inadvertently delete or overwrite chord symbols to ALL instruments without any warning (before or after).

See for instance.

got it thanks!

I copied the chord symbols in a score, and pasted them in another, after having selected the pause at the beginning of the passage with chord symbols.

Chord symbols were copied at the right position, but they are only shown as hidden elements, and not as text. Is there a reason for this?


By the way: aren’t chord symbols exported with a MIDI file? I can’t see them, when imported in a different device.


Have you told any of the players/instruments to display chord symbols, in Setup mode?

That’s it, thank you. The target score was Solo Voice only, and the Chord Symbols option was only activated by default for rhythm instruments.


Chord symbols are not exported in MIDI files. To my knowledge, only Yamaha’s XF MIDI file format has the capability to even encode chord symbols, and only the most basic set at that, but Dorico does not export XF MIDI files.

Hi Daniel, there are some different ways of encoding chord symbols, but the two most often used I know are based on the use of Meta events “Chord Symbols” or “Text”. Logic, for example, uses the former, more specific (and probably their own implementation). Korg uses the latter, more open and compatible. The one or the other would be great, since replacing them with the desired one would simply be a matter of searching & replacing in a sequencer.