Copying Chords and adding note names


How do you copy and paste chords in the chord editor? Apparently I should be able to do this by drawing a box around them and then pressing alt (I am on a Win 10 PC) and then drag them over. When I do this it just extends the first chord over the rest of the chords I have entered.

I am really surprised there isn’t a simple function like right click then select copy from a drop down.

Also on he video I am watching is shows note names on the individual notes. How do I activate this feature

I realise these are probably very simple issues to fix but I am new to this and quite lost.

I would like to learn how to us Cubase to arrange and composing my saxophone to play in parts for the bass and other instruments, is this possible?

Also I would like to use Drum Genius loops, is this possible?

A yes or no to the last questions is fine, I haven’t tried to figure out how to do it as I am just getting started.

Thanks very much

Hi and welcome,

This is exactly, how I’m doing it here.

Could you make a video screen capture and attach it here, please?