Copying comments produces odd results

I’ve encountered a weird bug(?) when copying comments. I’m working on a flex ensemble score and pasting comments at the beginning of every string staff to check bowings. Rather than typing the comments individually for each instrument, I attempted to copy and paste them. However, this doesn’t behave as expected.

I haven’t been able to pin down if they happen differently for different instruments, but some of them produce two copied comments at the same location, while others paste, but on a staff below the staff I wanted it to paste.

This isn’t a huge deal since for now I can just type them all individually and there are not that many issues that I would need to copy things en masse, but it could easily become overbearing in larger contexts or projects.

(small edit: thought I would clarify that what may have caused the initial bug was attempting to paste on all staves at once, which may have caused the issue to appear)

As always, thanks for your attention to detail!

I’m unable to reproduce this problem in a simple case, Andrew. Perhaps you could attach a minimal example that would allow me to reproduce the issue?