Copying Cubase Layouts

Can I copy one layout on one score page to another score page so that both Layouts are identical.

Not explicitly. The layouts can be exported, or you can apply the form of one to another.

If you haven’t already, you should read the section of the manual, it will be much faster to learn your way around than trial and error, or waiting for forum replies.

I presume you’re using Cubase Pro 12, though you didn’t say.

Yes I’m using Cubase 12, I have tried finding the info in the manual ,but can’t seem to find the relevant answers. I’ve tried exporting and importing, but nothing happens, I can get it to format the same way in the Layout window of settings but when I try to save it reverts, or when I close the window and re open it reverts, I know I’m missing one small bit of info to get this right but at the moment very frustrating as I have to manually re create and match the layout. Thank you for your response

Are you sure you’re hitting Apply? If you switch tabs your changes are not saved if you don’t.

Yes , I hit apply and it works but when I hit “save” it closes the window an when I re open the window it has reveretd

I also found out that if the original track/layout is locked, it won’t let you do anything so it’s not that

You lost me there. Please be explicit in your explanation. You should assume I have never heard of computers when you formulate your reply.

Are you saying you searched the manual, or that you read what I linked you to?

i’m reading it now

I had read the info, basically I can get it to look like the same, but I can’t get the layout to stay in place no matter what I do it always reverts.

I’ll try again with a different .cpr file (new tracks) etc to see if that will work. I’ll post if I solve it, thanks for you’re input.

I think i’ve got it, Export the original layout, open the second layout/window, import the layout, but nothing happens untill you hit “Apply”, after that I can save it and bring it back. It was just that last step “Apply” after importing that I couldn’t find info on. Thanks for your replies once again