Copying Cubase to a 2016 Macbook with USB-C only

I have a couple of questions I’m hoping someone can help me with. I’ve been running Cubase for many years and love the program! Recently, while doing a recording session, my 2012 Macbook Pro died on me and the session had to be cancelled. So… I got it fixed but decided it would be a good idea to get a backup Macbook Pro. The ‘new’ one is a 2016 and only has USB C so… the dongle won’t fit without an adaptor. Is that going to be an issue? And is there a way to import Cubase from my old Mac (with the changes I’ve made to VST instruments, plugins, etc) to the new Mac?

Sorry if this seems to be something I should know… I’m really horrible at ‘tech’ stuff and am asking because the new Mac came with Logic Pro already installed. If running Cubase is problematic, I’m open to the possibility of switching if I have to.


No, it should not be.

The application itself has to be properly installed from scratch. Same with any plugins and libraries.
The Cubase settings and preferences can be exported/imported between computers. Easiest way to do this is to use the Profile Manager from within Cubase.

Thank you! So I’ll download the program from here, install it in the new computer, name and save my profile from the original… save it to a USB and then import to the new computer? (just clarifying that I’ve got this right)

I got my new Mac studio last week and used the Mac migration assistent to set it up exactly like my existing Macbook pro. Within less than an hour the new Mac studio was ready to go. All I had to do myself was running the license managers for my software on the new machine after the migration assistant was done. I’m using Cubase 12 however, so I need no dongle. Everything works fine from the first minute.


Whoa… Cubase 12 doesn’t need a dongle?? Maybe time to upgrade…