Copying figured bass literally?

Hi all,

is it possible to copy figures as they are from one note to another without the figure transposing?

In the image I have just selected the 4+ and alt click copied it to the fourth beat of the bar. I get the logic – the 4+ in the first case is a D7/C and Dorico copies the resulting chord instead of the “instruction” so to speak, therefore the 7 # instead of the 4+ that I would expect. Is there a way?

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Anteckning 2020-07-11 193823.png

I don’t think so, no. I did get a bit used to Alt-clicking the same figure onto different notes when using Figurato, but it could be argued that using the popover is pretty fast.

You can transpose figures, so if you have similar passages in different keys, you can just copy the figures and transpose them.

Thank you both!

So I’ll resort to retyping. I must admit that although I understand why one would like the figures to behave like they do, but the practical cases where I will have use for that are extremely rare, I imagine something like writing the figures for the bassus secundus and having them display correctly for the bassus primus in 16th century polychoral writing – do you see some use I don’t?

Transposing the figures via the transpose function is so convoluted that I would only use that in extreme cases, but copy-pasting a chain of 7 7 7 7 will add up to saving me some time and effort in the long run.

It would be great to have a setting for choosing “transposing copy”/“exact copy”.

Typing 7 7 7 7 is pretty quick, though.

I’m not sure I’ve actually tried that, but I think it works with the interval popover as well. That’d be a bit faster.

Right, bad example. There might be more convoluted figuring situations that could benefit more from copying though. And also a small time saving adds up in the long run…

Out of curiousity: In what situations did you find the transposing of figures useful?

Ah, good, never thought of that.