Copying Flows

Sometimes I find it helpful to copy a Flow I’m working on into a fresh Flow that has the instruments specified in Setup but no other info. In the original Flow I do a Select All (Ctrl+A), which seems to highlight everything – but some useful things, such as double barlines and repeat barlines, don’t get pasted into Flow 2. Is this purposeful? Is there a way of getting everything pasted in one move? (Not a big deal, I know, since the missing items are easily found and inserted).

P.S. Another bit of a similar nuisance: some of the dynamics symbols in Flow 1 get pasted twice into the new Flow 2, and trying to delete one of them sometimes deletes both, no matter which one is highlighted.
P.P.S. I’m using Dorico 1.2 now, but 1.1 exhibited the same behavior.

Would right-clicking the flow in Setup mode and clicking Duplicate Flow suit your purposes better?

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I would say that using Duplicate Flow would suit your purposes 100% better.


I used Duplicate Flow widely in a silent film accompaniment that had recurring (or similar) music for recurring visuals. No copying/pasting — quick and easy.

Thanks all.


Is there a menu item for “Duplicate Flow”? The only place I found it was right-clicking the flow in Setup mode, where a “duplicate” function appeared.

It is indeed only in the context menu for the Flows panel at the moment.

I would like to copy a flow into a whole new project. Is that possible?

You can export a flow from one project and import it into a new project.

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Yes, I figured out that it can be “imported”