Copying frames doesn't work

Hi fellows,

I need help, since I can’t get the copying of frames to work.

I proceed as stated in the documentary:

  1. I am in engrave mode
  2. I select Frames mode on the left
  3. I select a text frame I want to copy (I click on it, the frame becomes bold and the limiting boxes appear)
  4. I select the page I want to copy it to on the right (the page gets a blue frame)
  5. I right click on the page and select “Copy selected Frames to selected pages”

but: nothing happens!

what did I do wrong?

I tried it with other frames and other pages, but nothing works.

Any help would be much appreciated…


I’ve just tried this again to make sure, and it certainly does work. Can you attach the project in which you’re trying to do this, and let us know specifically which page in which layout you’re trying to copy frames from, and which page you’re trying to copy to?