copying from divisi into "native" instrument lines

I engraved a piece for a 9 voices female choir with 3x S1, 3x S2 and 3x Alto. As often all three voices for example of S1 sing the same I wrote a three part choir and split at the relevant places the concerned voice into 3. Now I want to give each voice S1 (1), S1 (2). and so on a separate MP3 which seems not to work as I only get all S1 voices etc. together. Therefore I setup a new score with 9 singers and tried to copy each voice into the new score which does not work as expected. Do you have a solution?

I would not use divisi for this at all. I would have three separate choral “Players,” one each for S1, S2, and A.

I haven’t tried setting up the structure of your score, but does copy and paste special - explode help?

Try exploding the S1 S2 and A separately. Alternatively, try copying the bars between each divisi change separately.

You will either have to selectively mute (using the ‘Muted’ property in the Common group of Properties) all of the parts you don’t want to export as audio, export one part, then go back and unmute/re-mute different music, then export another part, and so on, or copy and paste your material into a fresh score with separate players.

Hi, Daniel, thanks for your quick reply.

The first solution is very time consuming and is not suitable for me as I would not like to mute all other voices but have them to be heard in the background.
The other solution I tried yesterday, but it won’t work. I attach my score hoping You can help me. Thanks.
Stabat mater (Steffens) (642 KB)

In what way did copying not work? I copy the music from divisi staves and paste into other staves all the time without incident.