Copying/importing multiple files as flows - advice

I have 18 separate files/movements of a piece and I want to import these into a single Dorico project. I am using one of the movements as a starting point, and am copying and pasting (using select-all) each of the other movements into new flows. It seems when I do this, any custom playing techniques I’ve created in individual projects are not imported into the compiled project—there’s simply nothing on the score where the playing technique would appear in the original project.

Could anyone offer any advice on how best to deal with this? Do I need to go through each project and identify the custom playing techniques, and then save them as defaults, or “star” them, before I copy and paste into the compiled project? I’m hoping there might be a better way because I’m afraid I might miss one along the way—there are thousands of measures and it’s a full orchestra score.

You can import any flow(s) from any project into any new one, using File > Import > Flows.

However, custom techniques should get copied over when you copy and paste, as long as they are selected.

I would have assumed that, but it seems not to be the case.

. . . Although, what is interesting is that a file that I copied and pasted, and for which the playing techniques were not added, do restore the missing playing techniques after I import a flow that contains the missing PT.