Copying in the drum editor

I have previously posted about this problem but never gotten a response from anyone employed at Steinberg. I did contact the local customer support and got the response that i would be forwarded to the right people.
So let me explain the problem:
When you want to copy soemthing in the main edit window you hold down alt and select what you want to copy and drag it to it’s desired position. That works great! And in Cubase SX3 it worked the same way in the drum editor, but for some reason that is no longer the case. To copy something in the drum editor you have to hold down both Ctrl and Alt to copy something! I would really hope that Steinberg can change this back to it’s original way. That way there is only one way of copying in Cubase, and i don’t have to constantly change the shortcuts and slow down the workflow when changing between working in the main edit window and the drum editor.

I will not let this thread go without getting an official response about this problem. And for those of you that don’t see this as a problem and would like to tell me it’s just one extra push of a button need not reply.

So i hope somebody from Steinberg reads this and responds to why they have decided to change the copy shortcut in the drum editor and what they are planning to do with it in the future.

Select the events, hold down the mousebutton, then hold down the Alt key, then drag.

I will check that out, i’m not on my music computer right now. But still this means doing things differently than in the main edit window?

You can use the above method there also (in fact it is a good plan generally, because the Alt key is also used for swapping between the Select tool and the Pencil tool).

Thanks for the tips:) i will check them out later and post back then.

I have now tried out your tip vic_france, and it works:) It just means that i have to adapt when to click on the Alt-button, and that will take some time after years of doing it a different way. But you are totally right about the convenience of this since the Alt-key is also used to switch between the select tool and the pencil tool.

But it still doesn’t explain why Steinbergh have changed this function since SX3…so i am still hoping for a reply from them.

For better or worse?

This is my big war on Drum Editor…
On all editing in Cubase you use alt + drag to copy everything why is this changed on Drum Editor??
This doesn’t make sense! Maybe another key to change the select and the pencil tool??!

The drum editor is totally different in design to the other editors in the program.

On all editing in Cubase you use alt + drag to copy everything why is this changed on Drum Editor?

In fact what Steinberg have done is made the behavior consistent so to ask for a reversion is likely a “war” that will never be won.

Since i have been doing it the other way around for over 6 years i would have to say for the worse…
I do not see the logic in changing the behaviour of the alt-button on the drumeditor. And when i wrote that it works doing it the other way around, i it not a thing i would like to do, it’s like it’s being forced on me because of steinbergs choice. And that is why i think they can give me an explanation to why they have done this.

Actually I’ve never done it any other way and as vic has pointed out, the behavior is consistent now throughout the application as the “primary method” of operation, whereas in the other editors due to their nature of being more closely associated with project style methods those operations have not been altered.

It’s one of those things I believe that in the past code has been created that later needed to be destroyed in the interests of consistency and overall efficiency; take for example the stereo rewire channels that had to be dumped in deference to VST3.

That’s like when I first moved to France from England. I wrote to the French government, telling them that I was much more accustomed to driving on the left, and that I was finding it difficult getting used to driving on the right, now, and so would they please implement driving on the left in France.
I didn’t get a reply.