copying jazz techniques


I am sorry if this has been discussed already.

I need help copying the new jazz techniques symbols (jazz ornaments) to the whole section, say to 4 Trompets, 4 trombones, etc.

Thank you very much for your help.

Click to add one to the top staff. Then either alt-click to add to the others, or copy that one, and paste to the others.

When you add a PT or ornament, that element is selected, which makes it much faster to work with.

Alt-click is very useful… it adds whatever was selected to the spot where you click!

Hello Dan,

Thank. you for your help. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to replicate your advise successfully. When I do alt-click, the music gets erased and the selected one is pasted replacing all the pitches, no just copying the jazz ornaments.

Let me know if you can help me further.

Did you do it immediately after adding the ornament? Make sure ONLY the ornament is selected when you do alt-click. Don’t select anything else, like notes.

Trill (or whatever)
Enter (now that ornament will be selected)
Then alt-click

Sorry Dan, I think I probably have confused you. But the new jazz articulations included as Ornaments don’t get selected.

What I need to do is, say… to copy all the Doits from the lead trumpet to the whole brass section.

Ah, you’re quite right. Sorry!

But I do find I can select all notes I want, Shift-O, Doit, and it works fine.

I just read more related articles and it seems to be the same case of accents, staccatos, etc., they cannot be copied.

Maybe Daniel can confirm this.

Thank you for your help, Dan

Best regards

Jazz articulations are properties of notes, similar to articulations, accidentals, laissez vibrer ties, etc., and as such they can’t be copied independently. However, you can add them to multiple selected notes at the same time, so that would be the most efficient workflow for adding them in multiple places at the moment.

Thank you for clarifying what can be done at the moment, Daniel

Copying independently, Is that something we can hope for in future updates?

In principle, yes, though it’s not something that we are working on right this minute.

Thank you, Daniel for all your help