Copying Keyboard Shortcuts to a new machine

Hi everyone,

I have found previous threads here about copying my Keyboard shortcuts to a different machine, and the solutions found there are not working. I’m trying to copy the keyboard shortcuts and user preferences from my iMac into a new Mac laptop. When I click on mu “Users” folder on my Mac, I find my Username, and then I do not find the “Applications” folder, or the “Dorico 5” folder. Is there an easier way to do this? Any reason why I might not be finding these folder within my “Users” folder?

Thanks for your help!

In the Finder, look for Go to menu. Open it. Press alt, you should see your user library magically appear. This is where you will find the Application Support folder, in which Steinberg folder lies, in which Dorico 5 folder will receive your keycommands_xx.json file :wink:

WOW, now that’s hidden. I imagine, I take this file and replace the corresponding .json file on the new computer right?

Thanks for your help! I would simply never have been able to figure that out by myself!


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User library is (oddly) hidden for quite some time now (10 years?)
I don’t know which hack I used to “unhide” all those hidden folders and files. Never wanted to hide them again since then! :person_shrugging:

  • Open Terminal and enter chflags nohidden ~Library.

  • From the Home folder in Finder, choose View > Show View Options, and select Show Library Folder.


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Thanks! That is what I did!

And you can drag the (now made visible) Library folder to the sidebar on the left and it stays there with a nice greek temple icon :wink:

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