Copying Layers From Layout to Another

Hi guys,

Is there a way to copy layers in engrave mode from one layout to another? Like lets say i want the frame of the text of the Violin I Title page part and copy it on the Violin II part.

Thanks, Nicolas.

Hi Nicolas,

Unfortunately not if you’ve only created the title page as an override in the Violin I part layout. This is the sort of circumstance that custom page templates are intended for, so you can reuse the same page design on multiple pages and in multiple layouts.

Here’s a video – terminology within Dorico has changed since this video was made (“master page” is now “page template”), but otherwise the principles remain the same.

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Okay great thanks for that and hope to have a copy frame option in the future as stated many times on this thread. :pray:t2:

You can copy frames to other pages in the same layout already.

The most reliable method of copying frames between layouts is to use a page template, because if you later want to change the design of your title page, say, then you only need to make that change once and all layouts update. If you only copied frames “as they were at this point”, you’d need to make that change manually in each part.

The ability to take local page overrides and “promote” them into a page template, rather than needing to create the page template from scratch, is a feature-request I also support having at some point in the future :slight_smile:


Yeah you’re right, I’m beginning to see the convenience in that style of working. It does actually save a lot of time in just saving the template for title page.
Thanks again @Lillie_Harris :pray:t2:

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