Copying long passages

How can long sections, say 32 measures be copied all at once? The highlight feature does not scroll forward. Could that be part of the advanced copy for selecting only certain instruments, just add from measure and to measure, (or even to the beat level)? Otherwise, how is such a thing done at all?

Click the first bar, scroll to see the last bar, and Shift-click on the last bar to extend the selection.

You can scroll with the keyboard, or with a trackpad, or you can even use the Go To Bar or Go To Page commands.

There are also keyboard shortcuts to extend the selection horizontally by note or by bar, and vertically by staff. If you want to select from one point to the end of the staff or staves in the flow, there is a Select to End of Flow command.

You can also make a selection using the system bar (alt-t). That will include all system items (tempi, rehearsal marks etc)

There’s no lomit. Note that only the visible items will be copied, so it’s very important that you show the signposts before you do your selection.