Copying lyrics from the internet into dorico

Is there a way?

There’s currently no lyric window option as there is in Finale.

That’s a pity. But anyway thanks!

“The internet” is not always a reliable source, of course. Even the dedicated lyrics sites vary between each other and often have incorrect ‘mishearings’.

It’s still more convenient to copy a large chunk of lyrics and correcting the odd mistake rather than typing everything on your own.

The internet is perfectly reliable if you are copying your own lyrics from a hyphenation utility site.
I’d really like to see a lyric edit window with click-assignment in a future version of Dorico.

… unless you ask the Juicio Brennan hyphenator to split ‘legend’, when it will give you a leg end. :wink:

Haha, also “ages” comes out wrong. But those are the only ones I’ve found to be incorrect. Otherwise an excellent tool!

Still helps to have a lyric edit window and click-assign. Hope the Team will come to this conclusion (or a better one) eventually.