Copying lyrics in the score editor

Is it possible to copy lyrics from score editor to clipboard (or Notepad – in order to create a lyric sheet without retyping)?

No, not really. But if you use the Score Settings Notepad to initially enter your lyrics (Ops manual pg. 1263) instead of entering them via the Score Editor you can keep a copy there.

Here’s the workflow I use for lyrics.

  1. Create a Word (or other) document with the lyrics.
  2. Copy and paste the lyrics so I have 2 sets of them in the same document.
  3. On one of the copies insert "- " (hyphen, space) between syllables of words. So now I have the lyrics as both normal words and also broken up with hyphens between syllables.
  4. Copy and paste the syllable version into the Score Setting’s Notepad.
  5. Use the Insert Lyrics function in Score Settings to attach them to notes in the score.

I do understand your workflow, and I often do the same, having been very happy with the insert lyrics function. It’s when I am composing and fine-tuning melody and lyric in score editor (appropriately-named!) that I would like to be able to generate an updated lyric sheet. It’s probably better that I simply print out a complete lead sheet, even for my musically-illiterate vocalists; however, I would think it shouldn’t be too complicated to add this feature, i. e., being able to select and copy all lyrics (or at least as many as are visible, whether in page- or non-page mode) to,either, the clipboard and / or back to the lyric Notepad – preferably with (or without, as an option) all dashes and melismatic markings intact.

@ Raino
Just out of curiosity, what is your revision procedure?

If it’s just a few minor changes I’ll change it in the Score Editor like omnipop. Then I’ll update the normal text in my file, but not the hyphenated text. The only reason for the hyphenated text is for bulk entry. So once that’s happened I don’t really care if it is current. If the changes are more extensive it might be worthwhile to make a hyphenated version of the updates to make the changes in the score.

I used to have a problem where I’d miss a syllable break or two (or more :frowning: ). Then looking at the end of the inserted lyrics find the last word on the wrong note. That became a real hassle to locate the error. So now I read the hyphenated version out loud at a regular tempo, a single syllable per beat - it sounds pretty weird but does ID errors.

I have been simply adding additional lines underneath the original lyrics (as a max of 6 are available), sometimes replacing / swapping entire lines; but I generally like to see my revision “history”. Of course, I’ll occasionally do a total rewrite under a new title, as a separate project. I guess doing a separate “version” (as opposed to entirely new project) would make more sense, even if the BG vox would also change (?).

Annoyingly - as with many Cubase things where I used to be able to do things with earlier versions which I can no longer do due to - errrrr…- ‘improvements’ - this used to be very easy. You simply highlighted all the lyrics under a vocal line, then copied and pasted them into any text editor. You then had to edit out the hyphens and add line breaks etc, but it was quick, easy and convenient. Steingberg don’t apparently consider it worth enabling nowadays for some reason completely beyond my comprehension. Grrrrrrr…

Not sure if there’s a question in this post, but right-click:

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Not sure either if there’s a question in this post, but this sure is the answer! :laughing:

Beautiful song by the way :rofl:

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Personally I usually skip the Cubase score settings notepad entirely. Just type in the lyrics in notepad++ editor or what ever. Add the syllable and sluring spaces and dashes over there. In the notepad++ select and copy the part of the lyrics that’s needed in the score onto the clipboard (“CTL+C”)
In Cubase score edit select the note that you want as starting point for your lyrics. And then do “scores → functions → lyrics from clipboard” . You might want to put that “lyrics from clipboard” function in a custom keyboard shortcut. You can perform an “undo” if there was a dash missing or so. correct that in notepad++ and try again.

Thank you so much! That is going to save me a lot of time. I do wish the Help button on Cubase was actually helpful!! No mention of this if you type in ‘lyrics’. :roll_eyes::grin: