Copying Markers

Is there a way to copy markers from one audio file in WL8 and paste them to another? For instance, if I have to mixes of the same song and want to have CD tracks placed in the same location for each mix. I used to be a Peak Pro user. There was a “paste markers only” command I used quite a bit.
I would appreciate any help on this issue.
Thank you.

For an audio montage, there is an easy solution:
File > Import > Audio Montage Copy

For a raw audio file, I can propose you a trick:
Let’s say you have a file piano.wav
Next to this file, you should have piano.mrk (the marker file).
Now, you want to import the markers into hello.wav
Then simply copy and rename piano.mrk to hello.mrk


If you work in Montage and Markers tab it’s possible to
“Detach selected markers from their associated clip”

that means if a clip is a CD Track the you can move
the clip it self or replace with other clip
and keep the markers in place in timeline

but I agree a Marker copy and paste would be nice

check the WL pdf manual about Markers

regards S-EH

Thank you both for your ideas. I will try all of them in the morning and see which one works best with my workflow. To elaborate on my question; I do a lot of projects for a small music publishing company. Most of their products include mutiple versions of accompaniment tracks (split tracks, stereo instrument tracks, click-left and instruments-right,etc…) all for the same song and all that contain rehearsal points for choirs to practice with. Basically, so a director can start at a particular measure number or section of a song which always corresponds to the same place no matter what “mix” is being played. So being able to insert those tracks in one mix and copy those markers or Track ID points to other files is very important to my workflow. Thanks again for the ideas, I will respond again after I give them a try.

OK, I have tried these suggestions and all are helpful. Importing markers from a montage without bringing in the audio clips associated with the clip is very useful. However, in many cases I will need to have 2 or more of the same sequence of markers brought into a new montage in order. That is to say six or seven songs all containing multiple CD ID points and then multiple mixes of those songs all needing put on one disc. Detaching the markers is a possible work-around it just will take a long time considering how many times I will have to repeat this process in a given project. I’m going to try creating the marker files next and see how long it takes to get through a project. Thank you both for your ideas, I’ve learned a lot by your suggestions. If you have any other thoughts regarding this issue, I would love to give them a try.

If I had a job like you describe, my method would probably be to place markers once for the same song, and put all versions below each other. Then, by rendering several combinations of tracks to file I would create the various versions for final assembly in a new montage. Or (but I never tried this myself) create a superclip of this base montage and work from there. Just some thoughts…