Copying midi from Cubase to Dorico and Vise Versa


Still a bit new to Dorico.

If I’m not mistaken there is no proper integration between Cubase and Dorico other than exporting midi/XML, which is really disappointing. There should really be a sync feature between corresponding tracks between programs that updates automatically. This would greatly increase workflow.

Is there a way to at least copy midi notes (Ctrl-C) from Cubase and paste them (Ctrl-V) into Dorico and vise versa? A lot of times I just want to quickly transfer information to 1 instrument in Dorico instead of exporting midi/XML each time.

Apologies if there is something that exists already and I don’t know about :smiley:

You can drag and drop MIDI.

You can drag and drop MIDI.

Thanks @dankreider I’ll give that a try. Better than nothing :smiley: