Copying mixer settings to multiple channels

Does anyone know if there’s a way to copy mixer settings (ie Quick Controls, Sends etc) to more than one channel at a time? Drag and Drop is good, but when copying to dozens of tracks it gets kinda cumbersome. Thanks in advance.


No, this is not possible. Probably the fastest way is to save it as a preset, and then assign a Key Command to call this preset.

Thanks Martin - I don’t know of a way to invoke a Quick Controls or FX chain via a Key Command, is this possible somehow?


The FX Chain could be stored as a Track Preset. And is I’m right, you can call the Track Preset via Key Command then.

Sorry, I cannot test/confirm now.

Ah I see - the problem there is that I’m wanting to add QCs, sends, FX chains etc onto tracks already loaded into the session, not new ones.

No worries, looks like one-by-one drag and drop is the only thing for it - cheers.

This shouldn’t be an issue. You can add QCs to the already existing track/effects.

…but only as QC presets, right? Which is great, but just like drag and drop, only one track at a time so back to square one.

No, you can save the Track Preset, which contains the whole track (actually channel) settings.

Well, I still can’t make that work across multiple tracks, sadly. However I did discover that you can save multitrack presets, so I could save (say) 4 tracks copy and pasted as a 4 track preset, then you can paste them in 4 at a time. Not ideal by any means, but could save a bit of time here and there if copying something 30 times.

You can copy the settings of one channel and paste them to several channels at once. Only works when you copy and paste all settings.

Gadzooks, that’s it! As you say its all or nothing, but that’ll be very useful - many thanks.

Oh, Copy & Paste, so simple… Thank you! :slight_smile: