Copying/moving around fingerings option possible?

Having entered the fingerings for 5 piano pieces this morning, there are 2 things I feel could speed up this proces:

1: Having to call up the popup box for every singel note really makes this a slow proces. It would be much more efficient if I could stay in Fingerings mode and move to the next note as is possible in Sibelius, using the arrow keys. This is probably not possible right now, but could this option be added in the future?

2: Many times, the finger combination I need, I already used the bar before although on different notes. Copy & paste would be much faster than opening the popup and entering the numbers. This isn’t possible now, because selecting fingering also selects the note itself. Any way around this?

1: +1
2: Yes, I thought so too. I think fingerings, like articulation, are properties of notes rather than individual objects. Once articulations can be copied, there might be a way to copy fingerings too.

  1. I explained why it works this way in my blog post yesterday. Please allow me to quote myself:

It’s worth dwelling for a moment on why you cannot advance the popover with (say) Space or the arrow keys. Simply put, the fingering that you specify is an intrinsic part of the note itself, and as such you have to select the note or chord before you open the popover, so that Dorico knows exactly where that fingering should go. If you could advance the popover with the keyboard, Dorico would have to guess which note or notes should be selected, and this would introduce its own complexities, particularly in keyboard music.

  1. Yes, I agree this would be helpful in future, but as Florian says, just as you cannot copy articulations independently from notes at the moment, fingerings cannot be copied for the same reason.

I think that copying a fingering or a fingering pattern is something that should be available in Dorico.
For the moment I have created playing techniques with fingers that can be copied etc. I use them, especially for right hand guitar fingering patterns that I need to copy around