Copying multiple stems back from SL10.0.20 to Cubase

This is weird.

I’m convinced in the past, after doing my work in ARA SL8/9/10, I could then copy my SL stems back to Cubase as a series of new tracks in one operation. Sort of select all tracks and drag and drop.

But now it will only let me do one track at a time. I simply cannot select more than one, no matter what key combos I use with the mouse. (I’m on Windows 11 and SL 10.0.20)

Further, if some of the SL stems do not start at ‘bar zero’ (for instance stem clips which have been produced with ‘Cut to Layer Below’ in SL), they incorrectly get moved to bar zero (or wherever the Cubase cursor is) when I drag them back to Cubase. Surely they should hold their position within the project. The only way around this currently to ensure accuracy is to merge them up into their original stem before copyying back to Cubase, which is somewhat limiting.

Can someone tell me if these things are possible and where I am going wrong?


It was never possible to activate or move more than one layer at a time. This is being considered for future versions, but so far it’s not (and hasn’t been) possible. In standalone mode you can however export all layers at once via the File menu.

Regarding the second issue you mention, I can’t repro :

OK thanks. I mut have dreamt that regarding the multiple copy.

Re the second issue, your own video demonstrates the problem. The video clip you drag into CB doesn’t align with wher it was in SL, but rather with where the CB cursor is located at the time.

I had a snippet of data in a ‘cut to layer below’ layer in SL nowhere near the beginning of the project. It is not possible to drag that back to CB and keep it in the correct location time wise as SL just dumps it where the CB cursor is located. The snippet was at an arbitary time point, so there was nothing to snap it to.

It would be great if there was an option to keep the location of tranferred layers synced with their original location in CB before SL was used.

Hm, no ? In my video the Cubase cursor is always at the beginning of the timeline (see at the bottom, “”).
And if you look at the very beginning and very end of my video, the green layer is exactly where it’s supposed to be, it didn’t shift. Moving it back to the Cubase timeline didn’t modify its absolute position at all.


End (after dragging it back to Cubase):

Thanks for that confirmation. I now see what I was doing differently.

If you drag an SL stem into the EVENT area, indeed the stem resumes its correct position in the timeline.

I was dragging my SL stems into the left side where the Input/Output tracks are named. In this case, the stems drop where the timeline cursor is currently positioned.

Many thanks for this wonderful software, and your dedication to supporting it. Many could learn from your modus operandi. Very impressed.

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